The Story Behind the Name

Merritt Place, the great-great grandfather of Ryan Place, was a prominent figure in Auglaize County during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Born in 1876, Merritt made a name for himself as a successful land owner and horse trainer.

As a land owner, Merritt was known for his vast holdings in Auglaize County. He carefully managed and developed his properties, leaving a lasting impact on the local landscape. Merritt's properties included large tracts of farmland.

In addition to his real estate pursuits, Merritt was also a noted horse trainer. He was passionate about training horses, and was respected for his knowledge and skill in the field. Merritt's reputation as a horse trainer extended beyond the boundaries of Auglaize County, and he was known throughout for the craft.

Merritt's reputation as a successful businessman and horse trainer was well-established by the time he passed away in 1941. He had made a significant impact on the Auglaize County community, and his legacy lived on through his descendants.

Today, Ryan Place, Merritt's great-great grandson, continues to honor his ancestor's legacy through his work at Merritt Real Estate Professionals. The company, which takes its name from Merritt, is a respected and successful real estate agency that serves clients in the local area. Ryan's background and passion for the real estate industry, inspired by his ancestor, has led to his team's success in helping clients finding their dream home, selling property and managing commercial and residential rentals.

Merritt Place is remembered as a pioneering figure in Auglaize County's real estate and horse training industries. His legacy lives on through his descendants and the company that bears his name, Merritt Real Estate Professionals.